Month: September 2014

Amazing Health Benefits of Apples

Apples are incredibly delicious, are amazing cooking ingredients and also have many amazing benefits—some of which you may not even be aware! Though, if you want to fully benefit from all an apples health, don’t peel it. Two-thirds of the fiber and lots of antioxidants are found in the peel. Organic apples don’t cost an […]

Lemon Anchovy Dressing

On a recent trip to Aix de Provence, I had an amazing yet simple Provencal style salad consisting of Belgium endives in a lemony anchovy dressing. I know anchovies aren’t for everyone but if they are good quality and packed in a decent quality olive oil their taste positively stands out from the rest of […]

Blackberry and Avocado Salad

There’s a new lettuce in town – it’s called Salanova! I discovered it at the farmer’s market last week. It was so pretty, I had to ask what it is called. I was told three times “my name is Frank”, “no I mean the lettuce, what is the lettuce called”? Salvanova. Just like butter lettuce, […]

Peach and Pecan Crumble

I never knew what these strange flat peaches were called. I bought them and ate them, that was it. They are called Saturn peaches, or Donut (Doughnut) peaches. So how do they differ from regular peaches? Well first of all, they are flat. Okay not so flat, but not so circular either. Flattish. Their skin […]

Broccoli Pesto

Luckily, we have one child that absolutely loves broccoli. Another is very lukewarm about the prospects of eating it, while the third, I had to make a deal with him that he could eat carrot sticks instead of steamed broccoli. So how do you get kids and adults alike to eat more of their greens? […]

Buttermilk Red Currant Muffins

I absolutely love red currants. Native to Asia and Western Europe, these little gems were thought to be among the original foods consumed by the Palaeolithic people. Yes, they’ve been around forever! Being a fan of tart fruits and berries, I don’t actually recall seeing currants all that often in my years of living Vancouver. […]

Celery Root and Pear Soup

In Germany, and the rest of Europe, we have experienced one of the chilliest Augusts in decades. So aside from clutching a hot cup of tea (and turning on the heat again) many of us have been keeping warm by eating lots and lots of hot soup. I don’t usually make much soup in late […]