Month: November 2015

Bird’s Nest Cookies, Thumb Print Cookies with Raspberry Jam

Bird’s Nest Cookies

Bird’s nest cookies (also called thumbprint cookies) are one of those classic holiday baking cookies that remind you of why homemade baking is just so good. They are super easy to make and are one of those things people seem to love: buttery cookies with a tasty jam filling. What’s not to love? These are, […]

Wild Black & White Rice with Oyster Mushrooms and Swiss Chard

Black & White Rice with Oyster Mushrooms and Swiss Chard

Here’s a wild rice with oyster mushrooms dish that won’t bore you to death. One inspired from a trip with friends to Istanbul where we experienced some of the most amazing meals — modern Turkish ones, resembling the “Ottolenghi way”. My friend Anna has been there about a zillion times so knows all the best […]

Soft Chocolate Chip Cookies with Spelt Flour

Soft Chocolate Chippers

If there is a “Hall of Fame” for cookies, then my Aunt Heather’s 30-year-old recipe for soft chocolate chippers would have definitely found a place there. Praise be to her for delivering this recipe to me. They are irresistible. Okay, admittedly, I adapted the recipe just a little. But I’ll tell you how a little […]

Roasted Chestnuts and Brussels Sprouts with Lemon

Roasted Chestnuts and Brussels Sprouts with Lemon

What could be more reminiscent of autumn than chestnuts? There is so more to them than just the familiar small paper cone of hot, sweet roasted chestnuts you get from street vendors. Chestnuts are terrific in savory dishes, as they add a rich, earthy flavor and nutty sweetness. Roasted together with Brussels sprouts and garlic […]

Traditional German Grünkohl with Pinkel and Kochwurst

German Grünkohl

When cooked properly, this typical Northwest German dish has a nice savory taste that complements the robustness of the sausages and potatoes that are served with it. It’s something you often see served at the Christmas markets around Germany. The variety of sausage you’ll get with it depends on the region and depending on where […]

Rutabaga Stew with Quinoa, Kale and Saffron

Rutabaga Stew with Quinoa & Saffron

The more I experiment with simple flavors, the more I realize how enjoyable it is to savor the fresh, intense flavors of fresh, locally harvested foods. As with every autumn, I welcome the arrival pumpkins and winter squash – two of my favorite things for fall soups – but I find myself particularly enamored with […]