Year: 2016

Lentil Quinoa Eggplant Salad Recipe, Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-free

Lentil Quinoa Eggplant Salad

Listen up aubergine-adverse. Here’s an eggplant recipe that fully disguises my favorite purple vegetable. A warm lentil quinoa eggplant salad. The secret is always in the sauce. The trick… peeled eggplant that is slow cooked in a tomato-y sauce with a little chili and cayenne until tender. Okay, of course I could recognise that there […]

Citrus Kaki Turmeric Smoothie with Pomegranate recipe

Citrus Kaki Turmeric Smoothie with Pomegranate

The holidays are over, it’s time to give your body a healthy jump-start with a vitamin-rich citrus kaki turmeric smoothie! This isn’t your regular kind of fruit smoothie — it boasts more than just a vitamin C kick. Most of all, it contains the superfood power of turmeric. Turmeric, with its distinctive flavor and warm […]

Puy Lentils with Mushrooms and Kale Recipe, Vegan, Vegetarian, Glutenfree

Puy Lentils with Mushrooms and Kale

So which camp are you in? Love ’em or leave ’em? Well, I love mushrooms. Just like in this Puy lentils with mushrooms and kale dish. There are two sorts here. Dried porcini mushrooms that seem to elevate any mushroom dish and a standard favorite, brown button mushrooms (also known as cremini mushrooms). I think […]

Buckwheat Tahini Pancakes with Banana, Gluten-free, Dairy-free

Buckwheat Tahini Pancakes

Protein-rich buckwheat tahini pancakes = my new Sunday breakfast of choice. Love them. Most of us enjoy pancakes, and you may know by now that I LOVE pancakes. As do all Canadians! It’s our favorite way to use maple syrup! ;-) And listen to this — they have no refined sugar. Cause they’ve got some […]

Velvet Shortbread (with Homemade Mascobado Powdered Sugar)

Velvet Shortbread (with Homemade Mascobado Powdered Sugar)

Who knew 4 simple ingredients could make something taste so good? This velvet shortbread recipe is brilliant. It’s a family favorite stemming from my aunt Heather’s famous shortbread recipe. A velvety melt-in your mouth shortbread recipe she has been making since the 70’s. No Christmas is without it. So what’s her secret? Well that’s all […]

Barley salad with kaki, pomegranate, pine nuts, fresh herbs and arugula recipe

Barley Salad with Kaki, Pomegranate & Pine Nuts

Of course at this time of year, I feel like I should be spending my time baking cookies and holiday treats AND of naturally thinking of what to prepare for this year’s big Christmas meal! But truth be known, I’ve felt more like making wholesome comfort foods and winter salads like this one. A deliciously […]

Brussels Sprouts Caesar Salad with Herbed Croutons

Brussels Sprouts Caesar Salad with Herbed Croutons

Love them or hate them. That’s how it is. No matter how tasty I think this Brussels sprouts caesar salad is, if these mini cabbages aren’t your thing, then I’m probably not going to be able to convince you otherwise. So this is purely for my fellow Brussels sprout loving friends. Those of you that […]

Cranberry Orange Apple Crisp Recipe, Vegan, Gluten-free

Cranberry Orange Apple Crisp (Vegan + GF)

Cranberry Orange Apple Crisp. So much awesomeness in one place. It’s the perfect cozy, wholesome treat in a bowl. Full of warming flavors like cinnamon, bourbon vanilla and ginger, here’s a crisp made with wholesome ingredients (oats, walnuts, maple syrup, caramel-toned mascabado sugar, coconut oil, and a winning combination of cranberries, apples, and oranges). Love […]

fresh cranberry muffins recipe with spelt flour, walnuts and orange zest

Fresh Cranberry Muffins

Cozy up with this winter with fresh cranberry muffins. That’s right, meet my new seasonal favorite for breakfast on-the-go. This recipe truly makes me wish fresh cranberries were available year-round. These muffins are made with spelt flour which has an mild, slightly sweet and appealing nutty flavor and is packed fresh, bright red cranberries. Spices […]

Free-Form Spinach Pie with Feta and Ricotto

Free-Form Spinach Pie

This spinach pie is one of my all-time favorite comfort food meals — one I have been making for years. It’s easy to throw together on a weeknight and leftovers taste great reheated the next day. Best part is… it is absolutely delicious. Okay, anything wrapped in puff pastry is delicious. Okay, puff pastry is […]

Coconut roasted sweet potato and quinoa salad features crisp and tender roasted sweet potatoes, toasted cashews and a super flavorful, chili-lime dressing

Coconut Roasted Sweet Potato and Quinoa Salad

Coconut roasted sweet potatoes. Don’t you just love this time of year? Time to enjoy roasted vegetables of all kinds. And how about them sweet potatoes? Wedges is where it is at. The edges get a little crispy and browned and the centers remain soft and tender. So good! And it’s this simple: Baked sweet […]

Sage Roasted Potato Wedges with Lacinato (Dinosaur) Kale, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian Recipe

Sage Roasted Potato Wedges with Lacinato Kale

There are roasted potatoes and then there are crispy sage roasted potato wedges. Oven baked with olive oil and tasty bits of crispy crushed garlic and fresh sage these taters are good enough to stand alone but even better with sautéed shallots and my favorite variety of kale — Italian lacinato kale. Lacinato kale is […]

Buckwheat Bread, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Made with chia seeds, buckwheat, oats, carrots, sunflower seeds, and walnuts

Buckwheat Bread (vegan + gluten-free)

This buckwheat bread is magical. Not only does it please all my gluten-free friends but it is equally fantastic for anyone following a vegan diet. And best of all… it’s delicious. Yes, so here I am, someone who doesn’t eat a lot of bread, going on a craze of bread baking. It seems I too, […]

Sweet potato hash with caramelized onons, red pepper, cumin, coriander, cayenne. Served with eggs.

Sweet Potato Hash

Sweet potato hash. The thing weekends are made for. With dark winter mornings and sleeping in, cable-knit sweater season is perhaps the high point for brunch. What could be better at this time of year than a lazy Sundays with good food that is really comforting? I’m not talking about a quick batch of Canadian […]

Roasted Cumin Cauliflower and Millet Salad with Arugula, Parsley, Lemon, Chili and Pine Nuts

Roasted Cumin Cauliflower and Millet Salad

Roasted cumin cauliflower. Yep, I’m becoming ultra-hip. So here it is, I finally found a way to make cauliflower taste great. A year ago with all the cauliflower hype I would never have believed it. But it’s true. Cauliflower, as unloved as it has been in my eyes, can truly taste great. I gave it […]

Hazelnut Nutella with Raw Cacao, Vanilla & Maple Syrup (Vegan)

Homemade Nutella – Better than the Original

This is soon to be your new obsession. Homemade Nutella. What’s so great about it? Well for one, not only is it made with lots of roasted hazelnuts, but it also packed with other good things. There’s superfood organic raw cacao powder, pure bourbon vanilla, Canadian maple syrup, unsweetened almond milk and another superfood — […]

Roasted Thai Butternut Squash Carrot Soup

Roasted Thai Butternut Squash Carrot Soup

Simple ingredients and so delicious – that’s this roasted Thai butternut squash carrot soup. It’s the pinnacle of fall. It’s autumn in a bowl. Oven roasted butternut squash, carrots, red Thai curry, ginger… need I say more? Plus it’s healthy. There is no cream, no butter, yet it has a marvelous velvety texture. Butternut squash […]

Tahini Green Beans and Potatoes

Tahini Green Beans and Potatoes

Green beans and potatoes are a classic combination, reminding me once again that the simplest recipes are often the best. The magic of this side dish is the tahini dressing. A lemon-tahini-cumin dressing to be exact. Oh and lets not forgot about fresh parsley. it’s a key ingredient to making the overall flavor magical. We […]

quinoa salad with roasted eggplant and cherry tomatoes recipe

Quinoa with Roasted Eggplant and Cherry Tomatoes

If it weren’t for the fact that I am the only person in my family who likes eggplant (aubergine), you’d find a whole lot more of it here. Yes, there are those times when I cook it just for me or other times when I sneak it into a dish, just like this recipe for […]