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Butter in Coffee? Bulletproof Coffee – a Cultishly-Weird Trend

What’s all this talk about butter in coffee? Yes, butter in coffee.

I recently read an article in the Huffington Post that “Bulletproof” coffee, a cultishly-weird following of so-called “Upgraded Coffee” (upgraded in the form of butter being added to your coffee) is all the trend in the United States. Stars such as Ed Sheeran are drinking it, okay, not that says much about whether its good or not – Ed alone isn’t going to get me hopping on that band wagon any time soon.

Apparently, a blogger named Dave Asprey developed the idea to help him shed a few extra pounds. So rather than topping up his morning coffee with milk or cream, he used a dollop of butter and guess what? — the extra kilos tumbled away! To his discovery, butter had the amazing effect of suppressing hunger throughout the day. Though, with this trend of the stars, it goes without saying that conventional butter doesn’t do actually do the trick, it’s essential that it be organic butter and carefully selected coffee of absolute highest quality (Bulletproof® Coffee — nice sell Dave!). One could however substitute extra virgin coconut oil for the butter (from the Maldives of course).

At first, I thought, what rubbish. Butter in coffee? Though…after a little research, I discovered this seemingly peculiar idea wasn’t too far-fetched after all. So really, you are drinking your coffee without taking in any sugar or carbs, but rather fats — which stimulate the metabolism. And… according to all those “bulletproof” fans, it even tastes better than a traditional latte macchiato. Plus for paleo, primal, or caveman diet enthusiasts, this lifestyle-enhancing-better-than-human-bulletproof coffee is something to really get hooked on. With the added effect that it can boost energy and concentration levels and reduce the onset of hunger pangs and those afternoon lulls or pitfalls of exhaustion. Okay, you could argue that refined and processed fat with no essential nutrients is as far one could get from “paleo” food. Hmmm…

Generally, I’m not one to get all hyped up over such diet trends. I’m more for balance. I enjoy eating – so why would I really want to replace one whole meal with a 440+ calorie high fat drink? Balanced meals and adequate exercise is how I like to manage my metabolism. Actually, I think it’s pretty much a mathematical equation. The more that goes in, the more there needs to be burned. Yes, consume more calories than your body needs (or uses) and you gain weight. Simple. Okay, there is some environmental elements and science behind it, here’s for a nice little summary.

I gotta say, even the paleo diet is a little suspect to me. A friend of mine is following it. Which is funny since her boyfriend, who is a vegetarian, just started doing the 30-day Vegan Challenge. Haha, now those two don’t have it easy. Worlds apart. Just the other day we were out eating together and she ordered a Wiener schnitzel and her boyfriend a vegan mushroom risotto. Fair enough, but cooking at home, everyone has to make his or her own food. I think this would drive me nuts. To top it off, our kitchen is tiny! I recently heard a comedian on German radio joke about how difficult it is for genuine hunting and foraging Paleo dieters in their quest for fresh meat while living in modern cities. More like hunting food truck around the city. Okay, it was a little weak.

So tell me about your experiences with the paleo diet and whether you’ve already tried out bulletproof coffee. I’ll also test it and report back to you.

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