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Marinated Lentil Salad

Marinated Lentil Salad

No longer the “the poor man’s meat”, lentils are amazingly well loved in Mediterranean cuisine. Not only are they lentils, they are wonderfully versatile. They can be used just as well in salads or soups and can be easily be marinated overnight and used the next day only to have their flavors richen. Lentils cook […]

Tagliatelle al Ragù (Classic Bolognese) with Veal

Tagliatelle al Ragù (Classic Bolognese) with Veal

I’ve been told a bolognese cannot be called a bolognese at all and that a true and authentic bolognese is actually called tagliatelle al ragù because Italian chefs insist that it should be served with a flat pasta rather than thin spaghetti because the meat clings to it better…AND like all ragùs, it’s characterized by […]

Beet and Apple Salad with Dill and Tarragon

From September until March flavorful beets are especially easy to find. Get creative and add them to your salads. If you are a beet lover, this combination of beets, apples, sautéed shallots, fresh dill and crispy fried tarragon is a must try. I am a big fan of fresh beets – boiled, steamed, roasted and […]

Beef Stew with Hoisin Sauce, Red Wine and Tomatoes

Beef Stew with Hoisin Sauce, Red Wine and Tomatoes

This stew definitely has the umami things going on. I’m not usually one to cook a lot of hearty meat based meals, but with hungry boys telling me they are really craving some kind of dinner with meat, rice and gravy –- which sounds terrible, by the way –- I decided to give this stew […]

German Beef Rouladen

German food. Love, love, love it. Succulent beef, delicious gravy. The origin of the word “roulade” may be French but Rouladen is very much a traditional German dish usually consisting of bacon, onions, mustard and pickles wrapped in thinly sliced beef which is browned, then braised over low heat in a red wine broth. Although […]

Roasted Beans in Tomato Sauce (Greek Gigantes plaki)‏

The only thing requiring when cooking beans from dry is a little extra foresight. If tomorrows dinner is going to beans, then plan ahead. It’s easy. The easiest way is to just put tomorrow night’s beans into a big bowl of water with a ratio of about 3 cups water per 1 cup beans before […]

Roasted Garlic Chicken Lime Soup‏

Welcome the warmth of the sun in the dead of winter with a welcoming bowl of sopa de lima — chicken lime soup. This simple chicken lime soup has a surprisingly deep flavor; thanks to whole bulbs of roasted garlic – a garlic lover’s dream! Roasted garlic adds a subtle, sweet, and buttery soft sophisticated […]

Beluga Lentils and Beets in a Herbs de Provence & Orange Vinaigrette

I love beets, want to eat beets, but how do you keep them interesting? A bowl of boiled beets is blasé…even if you ask yourself how could anything so simple taste sooo yummy? You can’t go wrong with this combo. Roasted beets and delectable beluga lentils in a sweet, tangy fresh hand-squeezed OJ with herbes […]

Spicy Black Bean and Roasted Corn Soup

Roasted sweet, ripe summer corn with black beans makes for a richly satisfying soup. When fresh corn isn’t in season just use thawed frozen corn. I also like to use dried black beans rather than convenient canned beans. Yes, they may take a surprising amount of time to cook, but they are little bombshells of […]

French-Canadian Split Pea Soup (Soupe aux Pois)

A bowl of a good ole Québécois-style French-Canadian split pea soup is pure comfort food – it’s typically made from made with either green or yellow split peas and it can be pureed smooth or left quite chunky. High in protein and low in fat, most of the calories come from protein and complex carbohydrates. […]