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Celery – The Sex Boosting Veggie

People triumphantly write about so many things that can positively affect fertility. Well, guess what? Celery is among them—and definitely not for its phallic form. Truth be told, celery actually stimulates the mucus glands, which is key to the production of sex hormones. On top of that, there is also evidence that the smell of celery is similar to that of the male sex hormone. Confused? Okay, perhaps this metaphor will help. Let’s call it the “truffle effect”. This is the effect attributed to female adult pigs finding truffles. Truffles emit an aroma, something like male pig sex hormones. And that aroma is heavenly—if you are a pig. But, not only for them, truffles have been a celebrated aphrodisiac since ancient Roman times. Yes, celery can increase the pheromone androsterone, the natural aphrodisiac found in male perspiration.


That said…since the middle ages celery has been used as a means against impotence due to its attributes. Although, it’s still not clear whether cooked or raw celery unleashes this effect. Personally, I enjoy it a lot in a soup. But yeah, it’s also pretty tasty in a salad. Thank goodness my favorite Schwabe likes celery too (wink).

And if that’s still is not enough, then you’ll definitely look forward to learning that celery has the potential to naturally and efficiently lower blood pressure. The ancient Greeks and the Chinese know that. According to a study in the United States, after one week and four stalks of celery, participants already experienced significant reductions in blood pressure levels. And apparently, celery is also preventive. Astounded by the results, one of the doctors started drinking celery juice every day, along with her father, for an entire month. Okay, she mixed it with orange juice to disguise its bitter taste, but the result was sensational. The systolic value of their father fell from 148 to 128 and the doctor herself from 120 to 105. Still have questions?

Celery - At the market

So my tip: Start eating celery. First, to increase sex drive and keep that spark going in bed and then…drink it with your breakfast to calm your blood pressure again.

Okay, there you have it. That means in the evening get those juices flowing again and the next day let it help you bring it down and lower the blood pressure. Sounds pretty healthy to me. Plus its low-calorie, high-fiber and so you can eat as much as you want. Definitely worth giving a try!

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