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Pimientos de Padrón (Spanish Green Peppers)

Have you ever heard about Padron peppers? Padron peppers or pimientos de padrón, are small, Spanish green peppers with a sweet mild taste. The “Spanish roulette”of peppers, have been know to go rogue and occasionally sport an unpredictably spicy kick. Though this only occurs in less than 10% of those harvested. They make for a delicious and quick snack. Just blister them quickly in a little olive oil and then sprinkle liberally with coarse sea salt. No need for any other garnish, these gems are simplicity and quality food at its best. For eating pimientos de padrón, all you need to do is hold them by the stem, bite into the flesh and pull, leaving the stem intact.

Pimientos de Padrón (Spanish Green Peppers)

There is a fabulous little tapas place down the road that we often frequent and pimientos de padrón is one of the things I always order, that and boquerones fritos (deep fried anchovies served with a good squeeze of lemon juice and coarse sea salt – delicious!). Two of my absolute favourite tapas dishes! I’m not sure I would try to make Boquerones at home, but pimientos de padrón definitely. I was so excited when I spotted these little thumb-sized bright green peppers at the local supermarket. Then it became a “Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon”. You know, when you start to pay more attention to something and then you start to see it everywhere. Yeah, that happened. I realized this little green gems had always been available at the supermarket and local farmer’s market. Okay, a partial truth. This has only been the case from May through September when they have been in season. But at least I now know that they are pretty easy to come by in Hamburg and therefore something I can enjoy all spring and summer long.

Serves 2

15-20 Padron peppers
1 teaspoon (or more) coarse sea salt
2 tablespoons olive oil

1. Heat olive oil in a large frying pan until almost smoking. Add peppers and cook, stirring, until blistered.

2. Transfer onto a plate and sprinkle with the salt.

3. Serve immediately.

4. Pick up pepper by the stem and eat the whole thing.


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