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Sorbet, Granita and Sherbet Differ How? Here’s the Scoop.

So what’s the difference between sorbet, granita and sherbet? Here’s the scoop:

Sorbet and Granita

Both are technically ices. They are semi-frozen dairy-free treats often served between meals to refresh the palate. Generally, they are thought of as being fruit but can also be made from vegetable purées, juices, champagne, or infused tea and include the flavorings of herbs and spices.

The slight difference between the two is that sorbet is frozen in an ice cream maker, giving it a smoother texture whereas granita is made by hand, resulting in a more granular and icy texture. Refreshing, pure and intense you will just want more and more.


Lighter than ice cream, sherbet contains milk or another type of fat, which gives it a creamy texture similar to ice cream. It has more livelier flavor profile when compared to ice cream. A creamy taste of paradise in every beautiful bite.


And what about gelato? Well, I’d say ice cream is a type of gelato. There is just more sugar in gelato and more butter fats (from 10-15%) in ice cream. Gelato is also made with a custard base that includes egg and is denser and more intensely flavored than ice cream. Regular ice cream on the other hand consists of about 60% air.

So if you are looking for an alternative to the ice cream, the creamiest of all frozen desserts, then say a sweet ‘hallo’ to summer with one of these light and tasty treats.

Start out by trying this deep purple blackberry, pink peppercorn and rosemary granita. It has summer written all over it and it’s ridiciously delicious. At their peak in summer, blackberries are delicious in this recipe, where they are transformed into a sorbet (in my case a granita, since I made it by hand). A granita may not be exactly the same, but the taste is just as fabulous.

Sorbet, granita and sherbet, are all delicious, so enjoy!

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