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black rice salad with mango, tart apple, fresh chili, cilantro, mint, coconut flakes, and cashews in a sesame lime dressing

Black Rice Salad with Mango and Apple

Although there are times when I enjoy eating a salad more than others (ahem, every day ending in “y”!)… I don’t ever really need an excuse to have a salad. Even at this time of year. In winter, that just means I am eating more grain salads, or warm salads loaded up with roasted vegetables […]

Wintery Kale Salad with Venere Black Rice and Roasted Beet Salad with Cranberries and Pine nuts in an Orange Lime Dressing

Wintery Kale Salad with Black Rice and Roasted Beets

I discovered a new type of rice – black rice. A whole grain Chinese hybrid grown in neighboring Italy called Riso Venere. Its color is remarkable – it’s an intense deep purple, so deep it’s almost black. Together in this winter salad with roasted beets and purple kale, it actually gets lost among all the […]