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Velvet Shortbread (with Homemade Mascobado Powdered Sugar)

Velvet Shortbread (with Homemade Mascobado Powdered Sugar)

Who knew 4 simple ingredients could make something taste so good? This velvet shortbread recipe is brilliant. It’s a family favorite stemming from my aunt Heather’s famous shortbread recipe. A velvety melt-in your mouth shortbread recipe she has been making since the 70’s. No Christmas is without it. So what’s her secret? Well that’s all […]

Bird’s Nest Cookies, Thumb Print Cookies with Raspberry Jam

Bird’s Nest Cookies

Bird’s nest cookies (also called thumbprint cookies) are one of those classic holiday baking cookies that remind you of why homemade baking is just so good. They are super easy to make and are one of those things people seem to love: buttery cookies with a tasty jam filling. What’s not to love? These are, […]

Roasted Chestnuts and Brussels Sprouts with Lemon

Roasted Chestnuts and Brussels Sprouts with Lemon

What could be more reminiscent of autumn than chestnuts? There is so more to them than just the familiar small paper cone of hot, sweet roasted chestnuts you get from street vendors. Chestnuts are terrific in savory dishes, as they add a rich, earthy flavor and nutty sweetness. Roasted together with Brussels sprouts and garlic […]

Fruit and Nut Spelt Loaf‏ with Figs, Apricot, Cranberries, Walnuts, Yogurt

Fruit & Nut Spelt Loaf

This is a naturally sweet fruit and nut spelt loaf that is crusty on the outside, moist and flavorful on the inside. Studded with dried figs, apricots, dates and walnuts, it makes for the perfect energy boosting snack or accompaniment to your next cheese platter — or better yet, go ahead and sprinkle it with […]

Turkey Dinner with Sage Stuffing

Tips for Brining a Turkey: For a super moist flavorful turkey I find a salt brine works wonderfully. I always order a fresh turkey, which works especially well, but surely a frozen and thawed in the refrigerator turkey would work well too. I use a large plastic brining bag (in addition to a couple shopping […]