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lentil stew

German Lentil Stew with Spaetzle (Spätzle)

Once again, my adventures with my favorite Schwabe have led me to eating traditional southern comfort food. Lentils and Spätzle. Which, by the way, is actually the national dish of the Swabian region in southern Germany (which some people, one in particular, who I happen to live with, likes to refer to as North Italy […]

German Ham and Egg Noodles (Schinkennudeln)

German Ham and Egg Noodles (Schinkennudeln)

This is a super quick, super simple classic kid-centric German recipe. One that only requires scrounging a few staples together. Noodles. Eggs. Ham. It’s almost like having breakfast for dinner. Whether you are looking for a tasty kids meal, are eating solo or just want to deliver something quick and easy, this recipe definitely fits […]

Wiener Schnitzel

Traditional Wiener Schnitzel (Viennese Veal Cutlet)

The true origin of Wiener schnitzel may very well not be Vienna but the Viennese are indeed proud to say that it belongs to one of their best known culinary specialties. A true Wiener Schnitzel is a breaded cutlet of veal served with a lemon wedge to add some extra zing and if you’re luck […]

German Potato Salad with Cucumber

Potatoes (Kartoffel or Erdapfel) were first introduced into Europe in the 16th century via a Spaniard homeward bound from South America. From there they slowly spread throughout Europe. Although potatoes were already known in Peru and Chile as food, it was the Italians who first tried to cultivate the them in Europe. With little luck. […]

Wurstsalat - German Sausage Salad

Wurstsalat – German Sausage Salad

My favorite Schwaber was traveling in South Germany this week, and so upon returning I thought I would surprise him by keeping that South Germany feeling going (North Italy as he calls it) by presenting him with homemade “Wurstsalat”. Common in southern Germany, it’s one of those dishes you often see served in beer gardens, […]